Static and dynamic properties of six magnetorheological elastomers (MRE) with iron particles volume fraction ranging from 12.5% to 40% were experimentally characterized under shear mode operation. The experiments were designed on the basis of standardized methods defined in ISO-1827 and ISO-4664. The static shear stress-shear strain data obtained under strains up to 30% were used to quantify absolute and relative MR effects of the MREs as functions of magnetic flux density in the 0 to 450 mT range. The MRE specimen with highest iron particles fraction and a softening agent revealed greatest MR effect. The dynamic characteristics of this MRE specimen were then evaluated under harmonic excitations in the 0.1–50 Hz frequency range with shear strain amplitude and magnetic flux density ranging from 2.5 to 20%, and 0 to 450 mT, respectively. The data were then utilized to evaluate elastic and loss shear moduli of the specimen.

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