This paper investigates the heaving and pitching of a wing-like parameterized cantilevered plate with a leading edge stiffener and clamp variation when actuated with a surface-bonded piezoelectric actuator. The response is analyzed using a finite element model that is validated by comparison with known analytical solutions. The validated finite-element model is subjected to a harmonic excitation parametric analysis. The parameters varied in the model are the root clamped percentage, leading edge stiffener thickness, and the aspect ratio of the plate. The model is examined at the first two Eigen frequencies. Metrics of heaving and pitching are developed using surface fitting methods and their amplitudes and phases are reported throughout the parameter space. Emphasis is placed on the interaction and coupling of the first two modes of vibration with respect to the parameters. A piezo-composite wing prototype is fabricated and actuated harmonically with a Macro-Fiber Composite actuator while leading edge stiffener thickness and root clamped percentage is varied. The resulting experimental data is used to further validate the theoretical models.

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