While adaptive tuning of vibration absorbers (ATVA) have been widely studied for vibration control applications, limited studies have been done to explore their potential for noise control applications. This study aims to utilize magnetorheological elastomer (MRE)-based ATVA to control the radiated sound from an elastic plate excited by a plane wave especially at low frequencies. Radiated sound from a clamped circular plate integrated with MRE-based ATVA is analytically studied using classical plate theory. Rayleigh integral approach is, then, used to express the transmitted sound pressure in terms of the plate’s displacement modal amplitude. A MRE-based ATVA under shear mode is investigated. The semi-active Skyhook controller is proposed to attenuate the transverse displacement of the plate and subsequently reduce the radiated sound. The controller determines the current input to the electromagnet and tunes the MRE-based ATVA with the desired stiffness.

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