The ability of residents and professional emergency responders to exchange information during an emergency is necessary to provide a more efficient rescue following major disasters. Simultaneously, the quick seismic damage evaluation is significant to provide guidance for emergency response and rescue after disaster. However, traditional field investigation needs immense cost in money, manpower and time to accomplish house-to-house investigation, which results in an inefficient work. Towards this, an emergency communication and quick seismic damage investigation method based on smartphone is proposed and realized with the assistant of an application E-Explorer. First, in emergency communication module, the communication is available by using the multipeer connectivity technology even without external network, which can help to deliver important information for personal survival. Second, in damage investigation module, E-Explorer integrates the functions of questionnaire and picture collection for damage phenomenon recording and image acquisition. Last, a big data sharing platform is built, to provide guidance for rescue workers, and collect damage information for quick intensity evaluation.

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