For the traditional inspection methods, the visual inspection data is firstly recorded on the inspection forms and then input manually into computer, which is inefficient and creates errors frequently. This research aims at establishing a smartphone-based bridge inspection and management system that can avoid such inputting errors and facilitate the bridge inspection process. The system enables the inspector to complete the inspection information collection in a portable smart phone. The site photos that related to the investigated structures can be easily added and edited during the inspection work with the help of the smart phone. After the investigation, the inspection report and the technical condition rating of the inspected bridge can be automatically generated. The collected data and the GPS information can be uploaded to the terminal server directly via the mobile network. The interface of the mobile software is user-friendly and easy operation, which provides an opportunity for the public to take part in the bridge inspection work, especially for the bridges in rural and mountainous areas. Then, this paper puts forward the relevant ideas on public participation in bridges’ emergency assessment and disposal after the disaster, which can provide data support for the decision-making and disaster relief work.

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