This research improves upon prior research efforts on the hydrothermal synthesis of barium titanate (BaTiO3) films. It has been established that BaTiO3 can be synthesized using a two-step hydrothermal reaction that first synthesizes TiO2 then converts it to BaTiO3. Past research, however, resulted in relatively low ferroelectric properties using this technique. The research addresses that shortcoming by offering an optimized hydrothermal synthesis process that significantly increase the electromechanical coupling of the BaTiO3 film. Here, it is shown that the d33 achieves a value of 80 pm/V, which is the bulk BaTiO3 value. Additionally, this optimization results in an enhanced dielectric constant of 1600. Therefore, this research reveals that the ferroelectric properties of a hydrothermally synthesized BaTiO3 film can be significantly enhanced through slight modifications in the hydrothermal processing procedure.

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