This contribution focuses on the application potential of active fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structures with integrated shape memory alloy (SMA) elements for new aerodynamic functions. The advantages of hybrid SMA FRP structures are highlighted and promising application concepts are discussed. Main focus is the development of an active aerodynamic airfoil. Beginning with the idea of an adaptive airfoil, able to bear an application relevant down force at a relatively high deflection, the design process starts with an evaluation of different airfoil actuation concepts. A SMA powered bending beam is a part of the airfoil itself. Applying the finite element method with a suitable model for the active hybrid material, an effective selection of material and design is possible. After manufacturing and assembling of the active hybrid airfoil a comparison of experimental results and simulation is the first proof of success. Finally, the installation of an integrated hardware setup with power source, control and the active airfoil, demonstrating actuation on demand, verifies the potential of the new approach.

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