We present an MRI-compatible vibration energy harvester for powering implantable medical devices with heartbeat induced vibrations. The state of the art heartbeat-powered energy harvesters are magnetically bi-stable, rendering this devices MRI incompatible. A type of nonlinear harvester exhibiting purely elastic multi-stability based on bi-stable composite laminates is herein proposed for this purpose. The purely elastic nature of the exhibited bi-stability is crucial for powering medical devices as magnetic based multi-stable harvesters are not suitable for implantation. The energy harvester structure based on cantilevered bi-stable laminates used in this paper is inherently nonlinear and is thus MRI compatible. Harmonic frequency sweeps and previously measured signals simulating vibrations produced around the chest area of the human heart are used as vibration inputs to the harvesting device for experimental tests. The results show the capability of harvesting sufficient energy for powering conventional pacemakers with the exact vibration inputs expected during in vivo operation.

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