A new class of self-powered acceleration event detection sensors are presented that are powered by electrical energy harvested during munitions launch by integrated piezoelectric elements. The sensors are provided with a novel safety electronic and logic circuitry that is used to differentiate the firing event from all accidental events such as accidental drops, transportation vibration, and the like. When the launch conditions are detected from the magnitude of the experienced acceleration as well as its duration, the remaining electronics and logics circuitry of the device is enabled. The developed self-powered sensors may also be used in place of G-switches in munitions and other industrial and commercial devices with the advantage of activating not only from the magnitude of the experienced acceleration but also from its duration. The latter capability is essential in many munitions and commercial applications to avoid false switching event. For example in some cases dropping of around over a hard surface may impart higher peak acceleration than actual firing. And in many industrial and commercial devices and equipment, high-G and very short duration shock loadings do not cause damage and G-switches used to deactivate the device may not be desired to trip.

Prototypes of the developed piezoelectric-based self-powered event detection sensors as standalone sensors and as switches for detecting and opening or closing circuitry upon detection of shock or vibration loading with prescribed magnitude and duration thresholds with integrated electronics and logics circuitry have been designed, fabricated and successfully tested for a number of munitions and industrial applications. In this paper the design and operation of such devices and their testing are described.

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