In the paper the problem of examining of a damaged tool in the manufacturing process is presented by the example of the identification of a damaged die for creating a screw drive on a screw head. The operation of the screw head production is known as cold heading. One of the production stage is when a die cuts the head of the screw blank into an appropriate shape. Unfortunately, the die is often damaged before reaching its limit. In this case, the faulty semi-finished products are further processed because the cold heading is only the first operation required to produce a screw. If screws made of high-quality pure stainless steel are considered the economic loss is significant.

The measurement automatic systems for identification of damaged dies can be found in the newest machines but they are in minority in comparison to the older ones which work without such systems. It was the reason why attempt was made to construct the prototype diagnostic system for die state assessment, which is presented in the article.

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