The main aim of this article is to present the usage of type-2 fuzzy logic controller to control a shape memory actuator. To enhance real-time performance simplified interval fuzzy sets were used. The algorithm was implemented in the ATmega32 microcontroller. The dedicated PC application was also built. The fuzzy logic controller type-2 was tested experimentally by controlling position of the shape memory alloy actuator NM70 which despite its small size distinguishes itself by its strength. The obtained results confirmed that type-2 fuzzy controller performed efficiently with a difficult to control nonlinear plant. The research also proved that interval type-2 controllers, which are a simplified version of the general type-2 controllers, are very efficient. They can handle uncertainties without increasing drastically the computational complexity.

Experimental data comparison of the fuzzy logic controller type-2 with type-1 clearly indicates the superiority of the former, especially in reducing overshooting.

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