Magneto-rheological composites with magnetic particles are prepared. The magnetic particle is Fe-Si-B-Cr system and the average diameter is 10μm. Matrix of the composite is silicon gel. We characterized dynamic response of the material by shear test in magnetic field where intensities are 0 mT, 105 mT and 211 mT. The stiffness and damping capacity of the composite increase with increasing of the magnetic field. To understand mechanism of behavior of magneto-rheological composites, we make a model of the composite with periodical micro structure. The magneto-rheological composite undergoes magnetically induced internal stress field by applied magnetic field. The analysis model involved effect of the applied magnetic field as initial stress in the material. Particles and the magnetically induced stress make locally large strain field in the gel material. A large deformation analysis with the Ogden model using finite element method is made to demonstrate behavior of magneto-rheological composites. The simulation results are compared with experiment results and verified the effectiveness of the model.

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