A coupled electro-aero-mechanical modeling and optimization scheme for two solid-state piezocomposite variable-camber wing concepts is presented. The proposed concepts employ a continuous inextensible surface, simple boundary conditions and surface bonded piezoelectric actuators. The partially-active surfaces are designed to have sufficient bending stiffness in the chordwise and spanwise directions to sustain shape under aerodynamic loading. In contrast, the in-plane stiffness is relatively high; however the necessary deformations that are required to change the aerodynamic response can still be attained while maintaining the surface perimeter constant. Coupled with the continuous boundary conditions and the spar structure, the proposed concepts can achieve significant change in aerodynamic response quantified in terms of lift coefficient and lift-to-drag ratio under aerodynamic loading. A coupled analysis of the fluid-structure interaction is employed assuming static-aeroelastic behavior which allows the realization of designs that can sustain aerodynamic loads. Two prototypes are briefly presented.

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