Design and actuation modes of IntraVAD assistive device for end stage congestive heart failure patients are discussed in this paper. Flexibility, biocompatibility and coupled behavior of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites and Shape Memory Alloys allow replicating the motion of natural heart to address the cardiac deficiency. The squeezing motion of the heart is approximated by propulsion mechanism of a jelllyfish, while the rising-twisting motion of the heart is augmented by upward-downward motion of a cone shaped structure. These motion mechanisms may be combined or used separately, in order to create various blood flow regimes and provide different levels of support for each individual. Not only as actuators, but SMAs and IPMCs may be utilized as sensors to provide feedback from instantaneous status of the device to the controller. A device embodiment is introduced and followed by discussion on IPMC and antagonistic two-way SMA actuators in order to explain how actuation modes are delivered.

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