Nowadays companies working in the field of industrial applications realize that traditional electromagnets reach their technical limits. Additionally, there is an increasing awareness for resource-efficiency and safety, due to shortages in resources and rise in legal requirements. Furthermore customers demand more and more system solution, because of increased complexity in technical applications. Service-oriented shape memory actuator systems are an innovative approach that can help companies meeting these challenges and thus not only keep but enhance their competitiveness.

Therefore, this paper is focusing on the presentation of a service-oriented smart memory actuator system based on condition monitoring or reconfiguration by heat treatment. Hence an experimental actuator system is designed. This system is used to evaluate feasibility of condition monitoring to predict lifetime and the ability to reconfigure properties in use by heat treatment. Finally, an appropriate business model for service-oriented shape memory actuator systems is discussed.

First results of the project are presented within the paper as well as a business model draft for a service-oriented shape memory actuator system. Further studies should be done investigating the feasibility of remote heat treatment as well as developing applicable business models for shape memory actuator systems.

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