This paper presents the conceptualization and modeling of a compliant forceps design, which we have called Oriceps, as an example of origami-inspired design that has application in a variety of settings including robotic surgeries. Current robotic forceps often use traditional mechanisms with parts that are difficult to clean, wear quickly, and are challenging to fabricate due to their complexity and small size. The Oriceps design is based on the spherical kinematic configurations of several action origami models, and can be fabricated by cutting and folding flat material. This design concept has potential implementation as surgical forceps because it would require fewer parts, be easier to sterilize, and be potentially suitable for both macro and micro scales. The folded and planar characteristics of this design could be amenable to application of smart materials resulting in smaller scale, greater tool flexibility, integrated actuation, and an adaptability to a variety of tool functions. The suitability of shape-memory materials for use in Oriceps is discussed.

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