Processing of Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) shape memory alloys (SMAs) is challenging because smallest compositional variances and all types of microstructural features strongly affect the elementary processes of the martensitic transformation and thus the functional properties of the material. Against this background, powder metallurgical near net shape methods are attractive for the production of NiTi components. Especially additive manufacturing technologies (AM) seem to provide high potential, although they have received only little attention for processing NiTi so far. This work is the first to report on pseudoelastic properties of additive manufactured Ni-rich NiTi. We show how to establish pseudoelasticity in NiTi samples prepared by the additive manufacturing technique Selective Laser Melting (SLM). Therefore, we analyze phase transformation behavior, mechanical characteristics and functional properties of our materials subjected to different heat treatments. The obtained results are compared to the behavior of conventional NiTi. The presented results clearly indicate that SLM provides a promising processing route for the fabrication of high quality NiTi parts.

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