This paper presents an investigation of predictive power and energy modeling of space structures for structural health monitoring (SHM) with piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS). After a review of PWAS principles, the paper developed the multi-physics modeling of pitch-catch PWAS transfer function and discusses and the power and energy transduction between structurally guided Lamb waves and PWAS. The focus is a power and energy transduction analysis between the PWAS and a structure containing multimodal ultrasonic guided Lamb waves. The use of multimodal Lamb waves solution for power modeling is an extension of our previously presented simplified model that considered axial and flexural waves with low frequency approximation. Comparison between the axial and flexural approach and Lamb waves approach was evaluated. Frequency response functions are developed for voltage, current, complex power, active power, etc. The paper ends with summary, conclusion, and suggestion for further work.

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