Hybrid nanocomposites with single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) and graphene oxide (GO) as nanofillers and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) as a polymer were synthesized as potential electronic active polymers (EAPs) with high breakdown strength. A co-solvent method was developed to achieve exfoliation and dispersion of GO in PVDF. The microstructure of the PVDF was found to be predominantly γ phase. Percent crystallinity of PVDF increased due to the addition of the hybrid nanofillers. And, at room temperature, the storage modulus is increased by 56.26% over the pure PVDF. The dielectric constant increased from ∼7 to ∼25 for the hybrid nanocomposites as compared to pure PVDF at 1KHz measurement frequency. Dielectric loss of the hybrid nanocomposite is found less than 0.6 for the frequency range from 20 Hz–1MHz. Electrical conductivity of the hybrid nanocomposite increase by nearly two orders of magnitude at 1KHz when compared to pure PVDF. The effect of the presence of these hybrid nanofillers on microstructure and properties of PVDF are discussed.

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