This paper studies the development of new multifunctional liquid crystal polymeric composites filled with graphene nano platelets (GNPs) for electronic packaging applications. A series of parametric studies were conducted to study the effect of GNP content on the thermal conductivity of LCP-based nanocomposites. Graphene, ranging from 10 wt. % to 50 wt. %, were melt-compounded with LCP using a twin-screw compounder. The extrudates were ground and compression molded into small disc-shaped specimens. The thermal conductivity of LCP matrix was observed to have increased by more than 1000% where as the electrical conductivity increased by 13 orders of magnitude with the presence of 50 wt% GNP fillers. The morphology of the composites was analyzed using SEM micrographs to observe the dispersion of filler within the matrix. These thermally conductive composites represent potential cost-effective materials to injection mold three-dimensional, net-shape microelectronic enclosures with superior heat dissipation performance.

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