The cerebral thrombus or blood clot might cause cerebral stroke and even decease if the clot could not be dissolved within several hours after it was formed. By stirring the blood around the thrombus after the infusion of the agent, the quick dissolution can be obtained. To over come of lack design of structure of other micro stirrer like bending type actuators this study addresses this issue and describes an end-effector of catheter which provides high displacement with high power. The catheter is a beam with supported one side and the other side is free. Under Ultrasonic longitudinal wave excited by transducer from support side, traveling through beam and before reach to end-effector of beam amount of them impinges to slanted surface some of the energy of the incident longitudinal wave reflected with orientations different from the length direction. The other energy would be converted to shear waves. Despite the elongation and bending at tip, there is no significant bending across other part of beam. The angle of end-effector was evaluated by vertical tip displacement and density of energy at end-effector by transient analysis using FEM analysis. The obtained results demonstrated that the vertical motion of the stirrer was influenced by the intensity of shear wave which produced by mode conversion for longitudinal waves impinging on skew interface. Due to shear wave that reach to the end-effector, the limitation on the angle is determined.

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