In this paper, a pre-stressed piezoelectric unimorph made by a new fabrication method in room temperature, and an active vibration isolation system using the pre-stressed unimorph actuators are introduced. The fabricated piezoelectric unimorph, called PUMPS (piezoelectric unimorph with mechanically pre-stressed substrate), is an actuator in which actuation level is enhanced by displacement amplification mechanism that converts piezoelectric extension and contraction to large bending/pumping motion without sacrificing the actuation force. Preliminary vibration tests were performed to check the performance of PUMPS as actuators for active vibration control in a lab environment. Two feedback control schemes, the positive position feedback (PPF) and negative velocity feedback (NVF), were applied for active vibration control. Using a smart vibration isolation system with improved load capacity obtained by stacking pre-stressed piezoelectric unimorph actuators, about 10dB vibration reduction of the system was achieved near the resonant frequency region. With the preliminary vibration test results showing promising performance of PUMPS actuator in active vibration control, an integrated active vibration isolation system composed of PUMPS actuators is developed. The developed system contains compact analogue circuits and a sensor for PUMPS actuation and control, and power is supplied by Li-Polymer battery which means the system is completely standalone and portable. In addition, an integrated jitter isolation demonstration system was developed to demonstrate the degrading effect of jitter and the effectiveness of the developed integrated active vibration isolation system in improving the performance of optical payloads. Comparison of image qualities taken before and after the operation of vibration control system indicates that effective suppression of vibration disturbances can be achieved using the developed vibration isolation system with PUMPS actuators.

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