This paper presents experimental measurements of the response of woven composite laminates to multiple low-velocity impacts. Damage initiation and progression occur at multiple physical and temporal scales in heterogeneous materials, including fiber breakage, matrix cracking, delamination and matrix relaxation. The sensor networks/interrogators were therefore chosen specifically to provide insight into the order and progression of different failure modes. Measurements of the contact force between the impactor and composite are measured throughout impact. Additionally, the dissipated energy per impact event is also calculated from the impactor velocity. Surface mounted and embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors are used for the measurement of the laminate response. Peak wavelength measurements are performed during impact at 1 kHz, while full-spectral scanning is performed at 5 Hz during relaxation period of the laminate immediately after impact and quasi-statically to measure post-impact residual strain states within the laminate. The results highlight the depth of information embedded within the FBG full-spectral data sensors, as well as the added insight to be gained from combined global-local measurements.

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