This paper describes a procedure to design and fabricate an intelligent rotor blade with a trailing edge flap called as Seoul National University Flap blade (SNUF blade) manipulated by piezoelectric actuators. To develop a composite blade with a trailing-edge flap, specific design requirements for the SNUF blade are established by an analysis, UMARC (University of Maryland Advanced Rotorcraft Code). An analysis and design of the cross section are conducted first. In this paper, UM/VABS (University of Michigan/Variational Asymptotic Beam Section Analysis) is used for the cross sectional analysis. Prediction on the hinge moment induced in the flap is conducted for selection of the actuator by using FLUENT, a commercial CFD analysis. APA 200M actuator is selected as a candidate actuator to provide an enough stroke in the flap. The design illustrated in this paper includes a procedure only up to a part of the active region. More details of the design will be pursued and described in the final paper.

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