Cellular materials have unique thermal, acoustic, damping and energy absorbing properties that can be combined with their structural efficiency. Therefore, many kinds of cellular materials have been developed and tested as energy absorbing and damping materials. Particularly, closed cellular materials are thought to have many favorable properties and applications. In this study, a metallic closed cellular materials containing polymer was fabricated by the penetrating polymer into metal foam. The aluminum and stainless steel foams were selected for the metal foam and epoxy resin and polyurethane resin were selected for the penetrated polymer. The mechanical and damping properties of this material were measured. The results of the compressive tests show that this material has different stress-strain curves among the specimens that include different materials in the cells. Also, These results show that this material has high-energy absorption. The internal friction of this material was measured and the result shows that the internal friction of this material is larger than that of pure aluminum closed cellular material without any polymer and change with increasing of temperature.

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