Many efforts have been concentrated on the active noise and vibration control with smart material systems. However, previous studies are limited to the reduction of a single frequency. Thus, more investigations are needed on multispectral control, which deals with multiple frequency components simultaneously. The main objective of this research is to establish a model-based and nonlinear multispectral controller by integrating the least mean squares (LMS) algorithm with model-based controllers. It is expected that multispectral signals are managed appropriately by model-based controls and nonlinear control covers the nonlinearity, model uncertainty, and other unexpected conditions. Performances of the proposed algorithms are validated with simulations and experiments in various cases. Novel methodologies developed in this research are expected to be employed for numerous applications in active vibration and noise control studies such as structural vibration attenuation, vehicle vibration and noise reduction, and active struts for aircrafts, helicopters, and other vibrating platforms.

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