Variable modulus fluidic flexible matrix composites (F2MC) are investigated for vibration isolation mounts. The fluidic flexible matrix composites are based upon flexible matrix composite tubes containing a high bulk modulus internal fluid. By tailoring the fibers (orientation, number of layers, material, etc.) and the choice of the matrix material, the F2MC tube can obtain significant changes in stiffness by simply opening or closing an inlet valve to the tubes. The objective in this research is to investigate the F2MC variable modulus system for semi-active vibration isolation. A nonlinear analytical model of an isolation mount based on the F2MC tube with a proportional valve is developed. Analysis results indicate that the F2MC based isolation mount is effective for reducing the transmission from a disturbance source to a mass. Simulation studies demonstrate that the resonant frequencies and the damping can be controlled through simple valve control, which can be effective for vibration isolation.

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