In the paper the optimal robust vibrations control of flexible rotor supported in active magnetic bearings (AMBs) is presented. The purpose of the research is to stabilize the rotate rotor and effective control of rotor vibrations. The noncollocation effect which produce no interlaced of zeros and poles of AMBs system problem stability is investigated. The frequency mode analysis of collocation and noncollocation cases is presented. The μ-Synthesis Control is applied to stabilize the rigid and flexible critical frequency modes of the rotor AMBs. The singular value analysis is used to obtain the robust performances of closed-loop system. The dynamical behaviour of AMBs system in wide range of rotation speed (up 21000 rpm) is investigated. The goal of this paper is also the experimental evaluation of the robust performance. The stable operation, good stiffness of the rotor and robust performances of the closed-loop AMBs systems is reached. Finally, the success of the robust control is demonstrated through results of computer simulations and experimental results.

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