Dimensional stability of the space structures, such as large telescope mirrors or metering substructures, is very important because even extremely small deformations of these structures might degrade the optical performances. Therefore, precise deformation data of the space structures according to environment change are required to design these structures correctly. Also, real-time deformation monitoring of these structures in space environment is demanded to verify whether these structures are properly designed or manufactured. FBG (fiber Bragg grating) sensors are applicable to real time monitoring of the space structure because they can be embedded onto the structures with minimal weight penalty. In this research, therefore, thermal deformation measurement system for the space structures, composed of FBG sensors for real time strain measurement and DMI (displacement measuring interferometers) for accurate specimen expansion data acquisition, is developed. Thermal strains measured by distributed FBG sensors are evaluated by the comparison with the strains obtained by highly accurate DMI.

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