Lately, there has been an increased demand for vehicle manufacturers to incorporate a large number of communication, security, guidance and entertainment devices in their new vehicle models. In recent decades, the list has expanded from the AM and FM radio antennas to include GPS, mobile phone, collision avoidance radar, Digital Radio and Digital TV antennas. In addition, new technologies such as vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to road side communication are being implemented at 5.9 GHz in the next generation of vehicles. In the past the AM/FM antenna was typically a mast antenna protruding from the vehicle’s exterior, recently however, the trend has been to limit the visibility of vehicular antennas as much as possible to improve vehicle design and aerodynamics. This has lead to integration of antennae so that they become a seamless part of the vehicle structure. This paper reports on a parametric study of embedding an antenna in a polymeric composite substrate in relation to several material processing and coating parameters.

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