Laminates that exhibit high and negative Poisson’s ratios can be used as solid-state actuators, passive and active vibration dampers, and for morphing aircraft structures. Recently, fiber-reinforced elastomer (FRE) laminates have been fabricated that exhibit extreme (high and negative) Poisson’s ratios [1]. The current research explores twisted fiber bundle elastomeric laminates (both single and double helix) which are being investigated using experimentation, linear and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA). Twisted fiber bundles can be made from carbon fibers, fiberglass, etc, but for simplicity the current work uses twisted cotton string. It is observed that uniaxial fiber-reinforced elastomer laminates, where the fibers are twisted as shown in Figure 1, exhibit stress stiffening. Negative Poisson’s ratios may be produced if the fiber bundles have a double helical path as simulated by a series of laminated tubes. Future auxetic FRE laminates may be developed that do experience extreme shear.

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