Lab-on-chip devices promise for many novel applications concerning the transport of the liquid samples and other solutions in the order of micro-scale dimensions. One of the efficient methods for transporting fluid in the samples is through electrokinetic effects, where an electric field will be applied to charged ions such as DNA, a negatively charged ion or proteins. These ions are carried over in the microchannel by the application of electric fields through the entire solution from inlet via probe region for its detection to outlet and the determination of concentration distribution. COMSOL, commercially available multiphysics software, with its specific MEMS and Chemical Engineering modules were employed and simulated for the analysis of fluid velocity and ionic concentration throughout the channel of various shapes. The ionic fluid concentrations and velocities in the channel and at the outlet are plotted against the potential differences across the two inlets in which DNA sample was introduced from one inlet and a buffer solution was supplied from another inlet.

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