Separation is one of the most basic and frequently using techniques for biological research. Researchers have been using gel-electrophoresis for DNA separation and also using various chromatography techniques for protein and bio-molecule separations. Recently, as micro and nano fabrication techniques have developed, interest in miniaturized micro scale biology research tools has also increased. According to this trend, micro scale devices for separating various sized of particles such as cells, organelles, proteins, lipids and vesicles play an important role in a total system. Therefore, separation devices based on various methods are suggested. Widely used separation methods for micro devices are electro-kinetics with special channel geometries and laminar flow control. In electro-kinetic methods, micro channel electrophoresis and DEP (dielectrophoresis) are commonly used.[1] These separation methods, however, can only be used in very narrow range because their working conditions, high voltage and charge dependence, are not compatible with many biomaterials.

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