We were approached by an amputee diabetic to build a device that could test blood sugar with the use of only one arm. Originally, this product was client based only. It was designed for an elderly diabetic amputee such that the device would allow him to single-handedly manage his blood glucose testing without any extra assistance from other persons. Although this was originally a client-specific device, it is expected to have a broader market based on the prevalence of arm amputations among the diabetic patient population. Statistics reveal that over 80,000 amputations are performed each year in the United States on people with diabetes. [1] The target audience is also intended for older individuals who suffer from having limited fine motor coordination due to conditions such as arthritis. Diabetic patients must test their glucose level several times a day, and therefore it is absolutely critical to have a glucose-testing device that allows a user to test his or her glucose-level with no trouble. This device would provide these diabetic patients with access to a more convenient and user-friendly system that would allow an individual to test his or her blood glucose level with ease.

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