Laminoplasty, considered an alternative to laminectomy, is intended to relieve pressure on the spinal cord while maintaining the stabilizing effects of the posterior elements of the vertebrae. Open-door laminoplasty (ODL) includes opening of the lamina from either the left or right side with the contralateral side acting as hinge. The main aim of laminoplasty is to recreate a stable laminar arch that preserves laminar opening. As hinge failure is a commonly encountered problem during laminoplasty, it is necessary to understand the process of bone remodeling post laminoplasty. This study aims at implementing a computer simulation method to predict bone remodeling in accordance with Wolff’s Law. Mathematical models are based on the principle that bone remodeling is induced by a local mechanical signal that activates regulating cells to adapt accordingly by changing either the internal or external morphology [5].

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