Arterial mechanical property may be a potential variable for risk stratification. Large artery and central arterial compliance have been shown not only to correlate well with overall cardiovascular outcome in large epidemiological studies [1, 2] but also to correlate with coronary atherosclerotic burden as measured by conventional angiography [3]. Until recently, real-time B-mode ultrasound combined with simultaneous blood pressure measurements have been used to assess large artery compliance [4]. These techniques have an excellent temporal resolution but are unable to provide adequate spatial resolution to determine changes in vessel area as opposed to diameter and make the assumption that the vessel is perfectly round. Attempts to use MR imaging to measure large artery compliance have been published previously [5]. However, they have not utilised simultaneous blood pressure measurements during sequence acquisition. We report a technique using regular and simultaneous blood pressure measurement during 2 dimensional phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging 2DPC-MRI to determine local carotid compliance.

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