The coupling of intravascular and interstitial flow is a distinct feature of tumour microcirculation, due to the high vessel permeability, the low osmotic pressure gradient as well as the absence of functional lymphatic system inside tumours. In this paper, a coupled mathematical model of tumour blood perfusion based on 3D angiogenic vasculatures is developed, which provides the link between microvasculature and interstitial space perfusion through the matrices describing the local vascular connection (3D matrix B) and density (3D matrix A), accordingly combines the intravascular and interstitial flow by vascular leaky terms. In addition, the compliance of tumour vessels, blood rheology with hematocritic distribution at branches is also considered. The microvascular network, on which the microcirculation calculation is carried out, is generated from a 3-dimensional 7-point model of tumour angiogenesis.

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