Recently gender related dimorphism in the knee has received increased attention in sports medicine and total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Certain soft tissue injuries, particularly ACL injuries, have a higher prevalence rates in young female athletes compared to their male counterparts [1]. Patellofemoral pain, recurrent dislocations and arthritis have been reported to be more common in women [2]. Women have higher incidence of osteoarthritis and account for about two-thirds of TKA patients. Gender specific implant designs have also been reported [3]. However, no study has compared the six-DOF kinematics of the male and female knees during functional activities. Additionally gender differences in the morphology of the knee, particularly the trochlear groove, have not been clearly delineated. Herein, we have examined gender differences in knee morphology and six-DOF kinematics during weight bearing flexion. This was accomplished via combined magnetic resonance (MR) based 3D modeling and dual fluoroscope imaging of the knee.

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