Accurate estimates for Achilles tendon moment arm (MA) are essential when computing gastroc-soleus force from the net plantarflexion moment. Errors in approximating the Achilles tendon MA will adversely affect the muscle force estimate. We have noted that Achilles tendon MAs reported by Maganaris [1] and others are significantly greater (> 1 cm) than values used by Delp et al. computed using SIMM [2]. It is important to note that the stature of Delp’s lower limb model was almost identical to the average weight and height of the subjects in a study by Maganaris. This led us to question which MA profiles were more anatomically meaningful. To address this, we calculated Achilles tendon MAs for 10 male subjects using a previously described method. The method combines ultrasound and video-based motion capture, and referred to as the hybrid method. Subjects in our study were chosen to ensure they were of a similar stature to those tested by Maganaris, thereby minimizing confounding effects of subject anthropometrics.

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