This paper reports on the finite element modeling of rollover crash tests with Hybrid III dummies. Finite element models of a vehicle design and the Hybrid III dummy were used to evaluate the subsystem under manufacturer created rollover conditions for a production and roll caged roof structure.

The objective of this study was to demonstrate the ability to reproduce the impact environment occurring in rollover crash tests. There are over 26,000 fatalities and serious injuries annually occurring in rollover accidents in the United States. Many of these are to restrained occupants and their head and spinal injuries have been associated with contact with the roof structure. To analyze the crash tests the effects of the system, finite element models were made of rollover crash tests that had been conducted using baseline and modified passenger vehicles and Hybrid III dummies using the defined impact conditions. Neck loads were utilized to validate the model against the test results. The results show that finite element modeling can reproduce the results from rollover crash tests.

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