Applications of Engineering are extremely progressive in medical area nowadays. To develop new industry in medical area, it is important to train manpower who has knowledge of both medicine and engineering. But it is quite difficult to talk about the same issues between medical doctors and engineers because they do not understand their technical terms nor the ways of thinking each other. Though medical science also advances rapidly, most of those advancements have been based on the technologies of other sciences like engineering. Current technologies of engineering could advance medicine much more quickly. To urge incubation of current technology, bio-medical engineers should actively cultivate medical area. Therefore ideal medical engineers should get acquainted with knowledge of medicine and current engineering [1]. On the point of view, Tohoku University in Japan has managed a re-education project for working engineers named REDEEM (Recurrent Education for Development of Engineering Enhanced Medicine) since 2004 and are planning ESTEEM (Education through the Synergetic Training for the Engineering Enhanced Medicine) project (Figure 1.).

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