The contribution of the elastic network to the mechanical behavior of arterial tissues is not well quantified. This paper focuses on the quantification of the behavior of fresh and elastic-network-only (digested) calf arterial tissues in uniaxial deformation using the anisotropic hyperelastic model proposed by Bischoff et al. ([1]). This model characterizes an orthotropic, hyperelastic response, which is well-suited for the modeling of arterial tissues ([2],[3]). For this paper, we attempt to match the material constants associated with the Bischoff-Arruda anisotropic hyperelastic model to our experimental data from arterial tissues including the ascending aortic arch, descending aorta, main, left, and right pulmonary arteries, using a least-squares method. The material parameters obtained from the data fit provide a quantitative comparison of mechanical properties of fresh artery tissues and elastin networks.

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