Limiting harmful locomotive exhaust emissions is important to the Nation’s health and safety. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has comprehensive gaseous exhaust emissions (or referred to as emissions hereto) testing requirements in place. All current tests are conducted on stationary locomotives. This paper discusses the development of an efficient stationary emissions measurement system that is compact, portable, easy to use, and applicable to onboard locomotives for in-use, over-the-road testing. More efficient locomotive emissions testing and better understanding of in-use emissions would be beneficial to all stakeholders. Sharma & Associates, Inc., (SA) adapted an off-the-shelf, portable, on-road, heavy-duty diesel truck emissions analyzer for locomotive use. This process included development of the necessary peripheral equipment and a computer program to take the raw emissions and report them as brake-specific emissions rates and duty cycle emissions. This paper describes the use of this system on a stationary locomotive. The system is currently being fitted and tested for over-the-road use. The measurement of particulate matter and smoke opacity were out of scope of the phase of the project that this paper is based on and not addressed hereto.

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