This paper will review three options for applying risk insights to the In-service Testing (IST) Program for pumps and valves. Current regulatory framework allows for risk-informing pump and valve testing through the implementation of 10CFR50.69 or by submittal to the NRC per 10CFR50.55a for risk-informed testing in accordance with the OM Code; either using Code Case OMN-3 and the risk-related Code Cases or Subsection ISTE. This paper will offer a third option which involves the combination of the first two options. Each of these IST risk-informed program options will be explored by presenting a general discussion of each option’s risk ranking process and anticipated risk ranking results. The risk ranking review will be followed by a discussion of the implementation processes and finally a look at plant impacts and potential benefits for each option.

IST program scope and testing requirements will be identified for each of these risk-informed program options. References for the implementation processes will be provided and used for the basis of this discussion. The intent of this paper is not to provide a “how to” for each of these options, but rather to provide information to the reader to allow further detailed review of each option. It is expected that through further investigation of these options and discussions with plant management each site may find the option/process that best suits their regulatory and plant safety culture.

Paper published with permission.

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