The ASME OM Code, Subsection ISTD, is the required code for conducting preservice and inservice examination and testing of dynamic restraints (Snubbers). The latest approved edition of this OM Code is now, or soon to be the 2012 Edition. With the publication of the 2006 addenda to Section XI of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, the snubber requirements, which were previously located in Article IWF-5000, were deleted. When the requirements of IWF-5000 were deleted, the requirements for examination and testing of snubbers as required by 10CFR50.55a were required to be in accordance with the ASME OM Code, Subsection ISTD.

When Owners prepare their ten-year ISI program updates that incorporate the 2006 Addenda and later of the Section XI Inspection Code, the snubber requirements will be required to be in accordance with the ASME OM Code, Subsection ISTD, 2004 Edition with Addenda through 2006 or later approved editions. This edition of the ASME OM Code has been referenced in the NRC Regulations dated June 21, 2011. Since that time, Owners are required to meet the requirements of the latest approved edition of the ASME OM Code, for snubber examination and testing requirements when snubber programs are updated.

With the transition of the snubber program from the ISI program and ASME Section XI Code requirements to the IST program and the ASME OM Code, there is sometimes confusion and implementation gaps where regulatory program requirements could be missed.

This paper will address the transition and identify potential pitfalls and how to mitigate them.

Paper published with permission.

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