To prepare for implementation of ASME OM Code [1] Mandatory Appendix III (Appendix III) for inservice testing of motor-operated valves (MOVs), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) performed a comprehensive assessment at all three of their nuclear sites to identify gaps between their legacy IST and MOV programs and an IST program that meets the requirements of Appendix III. This assessment reviewed each paragraph of Appendix III and T VA governing documents to determine how the requirements are already being met or are missing in the legacy MOV program(s). Secondly, the assessment performed a high level overview of TVA’s MOV programs in response to NRC Generic Letters 89-10 [6] and 96-05 [7] and identifies areas for improvement for TVA consideration. This paper presents the assessment purpose and objectives, scope, approach and methods, references, summary of significant gaps, and proposed actions to resolve these gaps prior to Appendix III implementation.

Paper published with permission.

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