Throughout the world, IST Programs are usually required by the Regulatory Body that holds authority over the site. IST programs have several sources. Typically, these include IST Codes and Standards, Plant Technical Specifications, Final Safety Analysis Report and, should the plant have developed it, the Probability Risk Assessment. Rulemaking clarifications, modifications and requirements play a key role connecting all applicable documentation. In Spain, the Spanish Regulatory Body, CSN (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear) requires all NPPs to develop and implement an IST Program according to the Codes and Standards of the country of design origin. As a result, all Spanish NPPs that have been designed in the US follow a 10CFR50.55a and ASME OM IST-based approach. In order to be able to operate, Spanish NPPs must have an official document called “MISI”, which stands for Manual of In-Service Inspection. The scope of this manual is wide: at the very least MISIs include in their scope ASME OM, ASME Section XI and Appendix J requirements. In this presentation, we explain how we intertwine NRC Regulations with our Regulatory Body’s Regulations, and applicable Codes and Standards specially focusing on ASME OM ISTA requirements.

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