The “Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear” (Nuclear Safety Council), or CSN, is the nuclear regulatory body of Spain.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations and standards have been primarily used in the past up to the present. However, there is a process such that regulations recently generated in Spain replace or complement regulations coming from other countries. This is not the case with the evaluation and control of motor-operated valves (MOVs), which are mainly monitored using the process described in Generic Letters 89-10 and 96-05.

During a nine-month assignment from April to December 1989 at NRC offices in King of Prussia, PA, the author gained knowledge of NRC Bulletin 85-03 and of Generic Letter 89-10, which was issued in June 1989. The author realized the importance of these communications for improving the safety of the plants in the future if the issues they describe are adequately managed and solved.

Paper published with permission.

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