The nuclear utility Inservice Testing (IST) Program Engineer is faced with a number of challenges on a daily basis. The burden of additional responsibility has been increasing dramatically in recent years because of personnel departure without staff replacement. This condition has increased the reliance on software to assist the program engineer in performing their assigned duties.

IST Program administration and implementation software can be the IST Program Engineer’s “best friend” when properly used. Newer Web-based software such as the Engineering Programs EP-Plus ENGAGE™ IST Software is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of ASME (formerly the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Operations and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants (OM Code) and regulatory expectations while simultaneously improving the IST Program Engineer’s “quality of life.”

Web-based, fully supported, readily accessible IST software is one of the IST Program Engineer’s most important tools. The EP-Plus ENGAGE Software Suite is aligned with corporate strategies and objectives by using the latest technology to improve the way that engineering programs are managed. The standardized common platform can be cost-effectively expanded to include any engineering program at the unit, station, or fleet level.

The EP-Plus ENGAGE Suite covers the full range of engineering programs and provides the opportunity to realize benefits in an expedited manner while also allowing improvement in efficiency and cost reduction.

A series of figures and associated narrative text is used to provide the IST Program Engineer with information pertaining to the features and functionality of today’s IST software and associated engineering-program software solutions.

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