This paper describes actions being taken by the ASME (formerly the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants (OM Code) Subgroup on Pumps (ISTB) to revise pump test requirements to be more clearly stated and provide more flexibility in performance of tests. Specifically, this paper addresses two aspects of pump test requirements that are in the process of being changed.

• Instrumentation requirements for measurement of hydraulic parameters (approved by ISTB subgroup).

• Variance around the fixed reference value for establishing pump-test conditions (approved by ASME and published in the 2012 Edition of the OM Code).

The OM Code changes discussed in this paper are currently in various stages of approval and endorsement. Therefore, the information provided in this paper is subject to change as a result of the OM Code approval and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) endorsement processes.

Paper published with permission.

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